I was recently invited to the unveiling of time-wear brand, Swatch’s, Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. The assortment, aptly called ‘I Always Want More,’ consists of a variety of lines, namely Beach Swing, Africana, Floralia, Power Tracking, Metallix, and Es War Einmal (Once upon a time). My favourite was, surprise surprise, the Metallix collection! Clearly, I need to broaden my horizons and try something new; thanks to Swatch, that won’t be an issue at all.

The ‘I Always Want More Beach Swing’ display was sporty, bright and colourful. Replete with funky dials, double-layer bracelets, and quirky designs, it’s the only accessory you’ll need this summer!




‘I Always Want More Es War Einmal’ is all about going back to your childhood and re-living fairytales. With timepieces inspired by stories like Alice in Wonderland, this one’s the fun and frivolous collection!



Graphic prints that you’ve probably spotted on clothes so far have now made their way to your wrist! Take a trip to Africa through the exotic and playful tribal designs of ‘I Always Want More Africana’.



Like I mentioned at the start of this post, ‘I Always Want More Metallix’ is my favourite. Whether it’s metal straps or plastic ones with metallic sheen, the classic designs come with just the right amount of bling!



‘I Always Want More Floralia’   now that is something every girl (and some boys) would agree to. Floral is the quintessential spring print and Swatch perfectly captures the beauty of flora and fauna in each watch!



Turn on the power of play and let out your more adventurous side with ‘I Always Want More Power Tracking’. Silicone, plastic or steel   there’s a whole range of options to choose from!


Without a doubt, #IAlwaysWantMore. What about you?





Miserably failing at it

I was trying to make a bracelet, which ended up becoming a hair-clip (please don't ask me how)

I was trying to make a bracelet, which ended up becoming a hair-clip (please don’t ask me how)

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