I have something to confess – I can be quite lazy when it comes to removing makeup after a long, tiring day. I know, I know, it’s the worst thing you can do to your visage, but it’s not like I don’t wash it off at all. I’m just not very fond of going through the whole process of applying makeup remover with a cotton pad or two. I think it’s mostly because most makeup removers are extremely oily and leave your skin feeling sticky. So when ITC sent me their brand new Vivel Cell Renew Micellar Makeup Cleanser*, I was beyond thrilled to try it!


The product claims to be alcohol free, made with oil free Micellar technology, which is ideal for the removal of eye and lip makeup, even the waterproof types. I’m sure you must be wondering what IS Micellar? Micellar water is a formulation that contain micelles, which are tiny oil molecules suspended in soft water. Micelles are attracted to dirt, grime, and oil, and they draw out impurities without drying out your skin, as might happen with a cleanser or even a face wash. It combines the cleansing effects of a cleanser with the toning and refreshing effects of a toner, so you don’t even have to wash your face after removing the makeup.

Now I’ve never really used Vivel products so I was obviously a bit skeptical, but the makeup cleanser put all my worries to rest. Of course, I tried it on my face to see how my skin would respond and I’m happy to report that all it took was a single cotton pad to remove all the makeup – I didn’t even need to scrub it out. It didn’t sting my eyes or cause any kind of roughness, which is exactly what I was hoping for!

In order to demonstrate the results, I tried on a swatch of rouge and blue eyeliner on my hand and wiped it off with the cleanser. It hardly took a few seconds and easily came off!

The Results

The Results

Rating: 5/5

Final verdict: Priced at Rs. 349, the 150 ml bottle is most definitely value for money. I love that you can clean out your makeup without having to wash your face after, plus it doesn’t even dry out or grease up your skin. It’s suitable for all skin types and the best part is it’s gentle on the eyes – something I look for in all cosmetic products, especially as I wear contact lenses. This one’s a must-buy, for sure!

*This is NOT a paid review. Product sent by brand for trial purposes.