With the amount of ready-to-wear fashion available in the market, don’t you just wish that you could design your very own bespoke outfit? Think about it – you wouldn’t have to adhere to what the latest collections offer or what the current trends are, you simply need to be yourself and channel your own personal style! Sounds like quite the fantasy, right? Well, I’ve got some brilliant news for all the menfolk out there. You can now customize every single detail of your dress shirt, from the cut and fall to the pattern and accessories, in the comfort of your very own home, at Stylior!


When you step out to shop, you often don’t end up finding the exact colour, pattern or style that you’re looking for. Even if you manage to do that, the fit doesn’t turn out to be as imagined. Keeping all of this in mind, the founders of Stylior decided to bring together the best fabrics available with modern technology and expert craftsmanship, creating a product that is nothing less than perfect! The online fashion store not only allows you to pick the fabric, sleeve, collar, placket and cuff, but also gives you the option of adding your very own signature to your customized shirt! You can even get a fair idea of what your shirt would look like without the hassles of a trial, thanks to the accurate, well-researched sizing algorithm, combined with the state of the art 3D visualizer. If that isn’t convincing enough, you can ask for a trial shirt (that would be free of cost) before stitching the whole order, so that the risks of wrong fit and fall can be avoided. Only upon your final approval and confirmation will the rest of the order be completed!


Furthermore, you can also book an appointment directly on their website to get your entire power suit designed, with the shirt and trousers, in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Dubai. In addition, Stylior offers you the facility of alterations and remakes if the garment doesn’t fit to your satisfaction. Armed with the knowledge gained from working with premium international brands, the online shopping platform’s founders are the ultimate men’s formal wear aficionados!

Seems too good to be true? Why don’t you give it a look-see yourself? Visit Stylior now and enter the world of exclusive, high-quality bespoke menswear!

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