Ever since I can remember, my mother always taught me the importance of taking care of my skin. I, however, really started looking after it when I was in my pre-teens. At that age, you don’t need to do much besides washing your face day and night and moisturizing it. I clearly recall, back then, Clean & Clear* was gaining popularity in India and my mum had bought me their cleansing face wash and moisturizer. I diligently used both products twice a day, without fail. It was a true saviour because it helped me overcome the usual teenage challenges of clogged pores and pimples! Now, about 10-11 years later, the brand got in touch with me and took me down memory lane by sending me the Clean & Clear ‘Foaming Face Wash‘ for review.


As part of their current campaign, Clean & Clear is helping teenage girls find their ‘Ready Face‘ with the improved oil-free foaming facial wash. I remember I grew up using it, so I was obviously excited to try the new and improved version! The product aims to prevent pimples, oily shine and blackheads. After the 1st wash itself, I could feel the difference – it was gentle on my skin and thoroughly removed the oil and dust from my face without over-drying it! What more can you ask for in a face wash?

Unfortunately, research shows that a staggering 70% of girls, ages 15 to 17, avoid their daily activities when they feel bad about their looks and that 7 in 10 girls are constantly anxious about their appearance. Well, why hide your gorgeous face just because of minor problems that can easily be taken care of with a simple skincare ritual? Clean & Clear believes that beauty comes from being confident, comfortable and secure in your own skin. #ReadyFace is all about turning your self-doubt into self-affirmation. It’s a face that tells people, “you’re ready for anything”!


Although the campaign is aimed at enabling and encouraging teenage girls to show the world their real self with complete confidence, I think young tweens should also try it out. It’s important to start caring for your complexion when you’re close to puberty, as that’s the time your skin goes wild and breaks out in acne! I myself am in my early twenties and feel this is an amazing face wash for my age group too, as many of us suffer from oily T-zones. Furthermore, why restrict it to girls? Young boys also go through the same issues of oily skin and acne and a daily cleansing routine like this one will surely help them as well!

Rating: 4.5/5

Final verdict: Priced at Rs. 130 for 150 ml, this facial wash won’t hurt your allowance. The liquid formula is perfect for deep-cleansing and doesn’t even cause dryness. Not to forget, its oil control effect lasts for 8 hours! Acne and blackheads will feel like trivial issues once you start using this gentle product everyday.

So get ready to make the mirror your friend and flaunt your #ReadyFace today!

*This is NOT a paid review. Clean & Clear provided me the product to review as part of their ongoing ‘Ready Face’ campaign.