Just like most girls, I too have a sacred love for shoes. After having studied the topic as part of my A-Levels Art and Design coursework, I developed a keen eye for different pairs and the stories they tell. It’s true: your shoes can reveal a lot about your personality, but I’m not going to discuss the deep meaning and philosophy behind what secrets they can disclose right now.

Being someone who favours comfort over everything else, it should come as no surprise that my wardrobe is stocked with tons of flats. Of course, one really does need heels when it comes to formal and festive occasions (also, who doesn’t like some extra height?) So I finally determined to purchase the much-needed-heels from Steve Madden – a brand I truly love because of its top-notch quality and super stylish products. I can vouch for the brand because my trusty Steve Madden black loafers have been with me for almost 3 years and are still intact, despite how carelessly I use them.

With my heart set on finding the perfect heels which are, hopefully, not black (guilty of being obsessed with the colour), I came across these gorgeous babies!


White Patent Pumps

As a fan of neutral colours, I was obviously drawn to this one. Pumps are an extremely versatile shoe – they go well with day-wear, evening-wear, formals, you name it – and the colour white adds to this factor. Thankfully, the heel isn’t atrociously high – a prerequisite for a klutz like me. What’s even more interesting is the red polka dot lining inside, which enhances the oomph, thus making these shoes an absolute win!

Pink Suede Pumps

Pink Suede Pumps

As I was on a mission of purchasing at least one item that wasn’t black or any other neutral shade, I decided to grab these pink pumps. Like I mentioned before, pumps are highly useful and can be used for various occasions, but when you opt for a bright colour, the options become somewhat restricted. Nevertheless, I needed a burst of brightness in my wardrobe and this particular pair seemed like the apt solution, as it can make any plain outfit fun (I’m sure all my LBDs are delighted). Once again, Steve Madden makes the inside of the shoe as attractive as the outside with the floral print lining. Also, when I was purchasing these pumps, my size was sold out so I had to place an order. The pair arrived in less than 2 days and was promptly home delivered (yes, they home deliver!)

The above shoes were purchased from the Steve Madden retail outlet in Mumbai, India. They are currently unavailable on the Steve Madden India website and I’m unsure of their availability in other cities and countries at the moment. 

Hope you liked my first ever haul post. Do share YOUR latest finds and purchases!

Much love!