The food truck business is fast-growing in India. Besides being inventive and convenient, they are also hygienic, unlike the local street food most us are used to. While I have tried fast food from food trucks abroad, I’ve never really had the opportunity to come across one here. Not until now, that is.


The founders of gourmet delivery kitchen, Pettoos Food Truck Sharanjay Malkani and Sharan Jeswani – gave me the best pre-Christmas surprise. They personally dropped by with a package on the evening of 23rd December, which I, being the foodie I am, was obviously extremely stoked about! My special dinner feast included Hummus and Pita, a Macin’ It Burger, and a Persian Chicken Burger*.


Hummus and Pita

Hummus and Pita

Usually when I go out for dinner, the first thing I end up ordering is hummus, so it’s safe to say I’ve had my fair share of the dish. When I took the first bite of Pettoos’ version of the Lebanese delicacy, I was instantly in love. The hummus was exactly how I like it – it had the perfect amount of garlic and lots of olive oil! To top it off, the pita bread was soft, warm and fresh.

The Macin' It Burger

The Macin’ It Burger

I’ve never been a fan of vegetarian burgers, but Pettoos Food Truck has managed to change that with their Macin’ It Burger. The burger contains a macaroni and cheese patty, which also has some veggies. This patty is topped with a generous serving of mac and cheese, and how can ANYONE go wrong with mac and cheese? The burger also comes with caramelized onions that balance out the cheesy flavour.

The Persian Chicken Burger

The Persian Chicken Burger

The Persian Chicken Burger is made using a home mix of Persian spices and has a liquid cheese core. Fresh lettuce, caramelized onions and mayonnaise add to this wonderful mix of flavours. Although this burger was a little too spicy for my tastebuds, I still found it delicious. I’m sure all those who appreciate strong, spicy flavours will love it!

Pettoos Food Truck is currently based out of Oshiwara, Mumbai, and they provide both takeaway and home-delivery services. They offer catering and the option of bulk ordering for parties as well! The brand has teamed up with celebrity chef, Sanjay Malkani, who has provided his expertise to the likes of Oberoi Hotel, Orchid Hotel, and Blue Foods (the team behind every Copper Chimney, Bombay Blue, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Spaghetti Kitchen, Gelato, and Noodle Bar). Not only that, he has also been behind up and coming QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants) like Go Panda.

The founders may have started small, but they have a game-changing menu that fits your budget and grand plans for the future, with more innovative dishes in the pipeline. I’m definitely going to be trying their other items and probably ordering innumerable boxes of the Pettoos hummus. Make sure you check out their mouth-watering menu soon too!

*Thank you for the delicious complimentary meal, Pettoos Food Truck. This is NOT a paid review.