Hey hey!

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to all you lovely people! I know I’m a bit late, considering we’re already halfway through January (wow, when did that happen?); nevertheless, I hope you all have a brilliant 2016 and accomplish everything you set your hearts to!

I used to think gift giving was exclusively reserved for December, but as it turns out, I was highly mistaken. My year began with a variety of interesting products finding their way to my doorstep and giving me the best new year surprise! Today, I’m sharing the review of one of those items – the Organic Lips* lip balm by Organic Harvest.


Made with hydrating lanolin and natural waxe, the pomegranate lip balm helps in retaining water and removing dead skin cells. The long-lasting moisturising effect provides your lips with much-needed intense care, especially during the harsh, dry winters. Free of chemicals including parabens, animal ingredients and beeswax, the all-natural lip balm is suitable for all skin types! Not only that, the product contains no artificial colour, as it is enriched only with food grade flavours.



Rating: 5/5

Final verdict: Packed with the goodness of vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter, the organic lip balm is priced at Rs. 149. Available in 4 flavours, namely pomegranate, green apple, shea butter, and strawberry, Organic Lips comes in compact, easy-to-use packs that allow precise application.

*This is NOT a paid review. Organic Harvest provided me the lip balm for trial purposes.