I love experimenting with new shades of lipsticks, especially bright pigments, so you can imagine my excitement when I got the opportunity to try out all 12 of Nykaa’s newly launched Paintstix*. Formulated with deep pigments, each lipstick delivers long-lasting, extreme colour in a single stroke. The product contains vitamin E, shea butter, castor oil, jojoba oil, and petroleum jelly, hence providing nourishment for your lips with a soft matte finish.


The shades range from everyday nude and pink tones to darker and bolder hues like orange and purple. Each lipstick tube comes in the coordinating colour and the shade numbers are written at the bottom of the tube. Unfortunately, the names are only mentioned on the box containing the lipstick.



The names are, as follows:

01 – Nude Spice

02 – Cool Girl Nude

03 – No Chill Orange

04 – Peaches n Cream

05 – Tender Rose

06 – Chick Flick Pink

07 – Rock n Roll Pink

08 – Purple Monster

09 – Bombshell Berry

10 – Rebellious Red

11 – Hearts n Kisses

12 – Grunge Brown


The best part about these lipsticks is that, unlike most matte lipsticks, they keep your lips moisturized and soft. I have experienced flaky, cracked lips due to certain matte lip colours, but none of Nykaa’s Paintstix cause that unpleasant feeling. Furthermore, all the shades are bold and opaque, adding depth and fullness to your lips. The other advantage is how long these shades last, especially the darker ones. When I applied the swatches on my hand for the first time, shade no. 11 (Hearts n Kisses) did not come off no matter how many times I washed it off with soap and water. Eventually, I was only able to take it off with makeup remover. The lighter, nude shades fade off faster though, so those would require another application after a meal or beverage.

Coming to the cons, the lipstick has a flat surface, making it difficult to apply directly without getting it outside your lip lines. I would recommend using a lip brush for application and following it up with lip liner to outline. The other drawback is how unstable and loose some of the lipstick bullets are. You have to be extremely cautious while using some of the shades to ensure the tube doesn’t fall off and break. Also, there is a high possibility of getting it on your teeth because of the intensity of the colour, so you may have to be a bit extra careful.

Rating: 3.5/5

Final verdict: Priced at Rs. 425 for a 3.5 gm tube of lipstick, Nykaa Paintstix are perfect for everyday wear as well as for special occasions – when you want to go all out and play with bold hues. There’s a shade for college, for work, and even for a fun night-out! In conclusion, I suggest you buy one of the more unconventional colours to truly experience the long-lasting, intense pigment of the product. My favourites are No Chill Orange, Peaches n Cream, Hearts n Kisses, Bombshell Berry, and Nude Spice.

*This is NOT a paid review. Nykaa provided me the products for trial purposes.