Hello hello!

Firstly, my apologies for the hiatus – I was trying to focus on college work and, soon after that, escaped for a short summer vacation to London. This was my first trip to the city I have dreamed of visiting ever since I can remember and, I have to say, London doesn’t disappoint. It’s really hard not to fall in love with the breathtaking, picturesque sights of the city. The windy weather did get to us initially – the temperature came close to what we experience in Mumbai’s winters – however, the sun was kind enough to show up eventually and allow us to experience the London summer. I had heard that the people staying in London generally have a cold disposition; I’m not sure if that statement is incorrect or I just got lucky, but most of the people I met were quite friendly. And that accent… my God! I could go on listening to the British accent and NEVER get tired.


What made this holiday a MAJOR WIN were all the sales and summer clothes – Topshop, Forever 21, H&M, Jane Norman, Pull & Bear – I was in “High Street Heaven” (especially since they have perfect, petite-size clothes for tiny people like me). Another thing that I really loved about the city is the amount of attention they pay to every aspect of fashion marketing and management. The window displays are an absolute visual feast, from Burberry’s ‘Kisses’ campaign to Harrods’ ‘Handbag Narratives,’ every store front makes you want to leave everything you’re doing and just stand and stare at it for hours.

A city that gives so much respect to fashion easily ranks as one of my favourites. Now, if only I could go back…

So the holiday’s over and I’m back to reality. Feels weird to think of how this is my last term of college and how I’m supposed to start making major life decisions now. I’m so tired of getting strange looks from people when I tell them I want to take some time off after graduation and figure things out. I’m sorry, but I really cannot take up any job and just settle down. I’m not even sure I want to stay here in the first place!

Anyway, personal rants aside, I’m going to try my best to be a lot more regular from now on. The next post will be up very soon!