Hey everyone!

How’s 2017 been treating you so far? Can you believe we’ve already stepped into February? Personally, February has always been one of those months that carries immense hope and positivity! I don’t know why, but it always evokes a sense of enthusiasm within me. Then again, that happens to me every time a new month begins. I guess the optimist inside refuses to leave, no matter what life throws my way.


Maybe February’s charm lies in the fact that it has always been advertised by Hallmark as the most romantic month of the year. But then, romance is never restricted to the love you share with a partner. Romance is the feeling of mystery and excitement. It’s about being larger-than-life – finding magic and inspiration in the most ordinary situation, remote from one’s mundane routine! And to be honest, we could all use a little bit of romance in our lives, especially with what the world is currently going through.

Yesterday when I decided to share a new post, my not-so-favourite guest, Mr. Writer’s Block, decided to pay me a visit. I sat procrastinating all day, waiting for inspiration to come by. However, once I started typing, the thoughts just flowed. That’s the beauty of writing – it’s my favourite kind of therapy (next to shopping, obviously). The magic always manages to find you! What makes it even better, though, is being able to share a piece of me with all of you.


The reason this blog is so special to me is because I get to express through my words AND my wardrobe. You know how they say our personalities are constantly changing and evolving? I think that works with personal style too. There will never be any major transformation, but if you pay attention to the nuances, you’ll notice the gradual evolution.

Recently, I’ve started taking a few more sartorial risks, trying combinations I would have scoffed at in the past. Of course, I would never betray my personal style code, but I’m experimenting with a few elements – looking for that magic, that inspiration, wherever I can!



greenskirt1-romanceFlare Sleeve Crop Top – Koovs, Green Metallic Pleated Skirt – Next, Gold Choker – Topshop, Black and Gold Sling Bag – River Island,
Black and Gold Wedges – Charles & Keith.

Photo CreditsShubham Mandhyan