I’m a bit biased towards November and December; the former is my birthday month while the latter is just a magical (read: party) month. Given how special November is, the links I’m sharing took me extra long to decide on because they just HAD to be perfect. Here’s the list:


1. Gift Guide for the Girl Boss – This article absolutely nails the list of items you could gift a badass business babe. The specific items mentioned may not be available in India, but at least it gives you great ideas to get you started, especially if you’re struggling with birthday/anniversary/Christmas gift shopping. With my birthday coming up, I realized I’d love all of these presents (*hint hint* – in case my friends and family are reading this).

2. DVF’s Advice on Career and Life – It’s no secret that Diane Von Furstenberg is a force to be reckoned with! She’s such an inspiration, being one of the few designers who has been quick to adapt to change and appeal to generations of women. It’s my dream to be able to meet and gather all the possible life lessons from her. Here, she shares some brilliant gems on career, life and success.

3. 8 of the Best Fashion TED Talks – Who doesn’t love TED talks? I’ve got these 8 videos lined up on my playlist to watch this week. Let’s watch it together and discuss in the comments below, what say?

4. 10 of the Best Winter Lotions – While the winters may be taking their own sweet time to pay Mumbai a visit, there sure is a slight nip in the air being felt in the rest of the country. This link covers the best lotions to face Indian winters.

5. Things You Learn in Your 20s – I’m turning 24 this week and this post aptly sums up the things I’ve learned so far. Of course, learning doesn’t stop at any age, but your 20s are extremely crucial because every opportunity you come across seems like uncharted territory, which is why each day is such an important lesson!

6. Maximize Your Productivity – File this under #MajorWorkspaceInspo. These tips can help you transform your desk to avoid distractions and achieve maximum productivity and results.

7. Things to Accomplish in Your Breaks – While you’re busy procrastinating, why not make good use of that time? Here’s a list of 25 things you can achieve in your 10 minute (or longer) breaks.

8. The Two-Minute Twist – When you’re running late to create a fancy updo but still want to look put together, this hairstyle is exactly what you need. It’s easy, neat and oh-so-feminine!

9. Nuggets of Wisdom from Cheryl Strayed – I sincerely look up to Cheryl Strayed; she hasn’t had an easy life and has worked extremely hard to get to where she is today. I fell in love with her work the minute I read her book, ‘Tiny, Beautiful Things,’ which is filled with essays on life and love! This article consists of 15 snippets of wisdom from the wonderful, inspirational author.