Sharing a list of interesting links that I’ve come across recently. I plan on making this a monthly post so if there’s a particular inspirational/amusing/humorous page you’d like me to mention in the near future, let me know in the comments!


1. Secret Nomads – Chanced upon this website through Instagram. With a bunch of resources and guides dedicated to helping digital nomads (entrepreneurs with nomadic lifestyles) around the world, this link deserves a look-see, especially if you’re someone who’s not carved for the traditional 9-5.

2. Marie Forleo – This inspirational and fun website caters to solving day-to-day issues that entrepreneurs face. Although I love almost every post on here, this one video is my absolute favourite, for the days you feel like your work simply isn’t adding enough value to society.

3. Chic Shack – I’m going to go ahead and do some shameless self-publicity now. I’d like to introduce you all to my new venture, Chic Shack, a handbag brand committed to making the world more fashionable. I’m beyond excited about this because I have always been a bag enthusiast, collecting various styles since childhood! As of now, we’re only focusing on India, but who knows what the future holds.

4. 25 Forgotten English Terms – A round-up of 25 terms dating back to the 18th century that clearly need a comeback. Maybe you could spice up your conversations by adding these to your vocabulary; I, for one, can’t wait to try!

5. How to Network Authentically – A key skill required in today’s world, whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, is obviously networking. Putting yourself out there is pivotal to success – the tips on this blog simplify it for you!

6. Summer Shopping List – Your busy schedule may have made it difficult for you to get your wardrobe ready for the season; but don’t you worry, Who What Wear has got you covered with a list of 5 items that will amp up your style this summer.

7. Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake – Because you need a treat to beat the heat – I guess I should just start writing poetry (or rap) now. Whoever said marshmallows are reserved for winters and hot chocolate was so wrong! This milkshake is exactly what you need to get over the summer time sadness.

8. The Versatile Apple Cider Vinegar – From solving stubborn acne problems to dealing with pesky dandruff woes, who knew this household staple could be so useful?

9. Inside the Mind of a Makeup Artist – Celebrities swear by these 11 makeup artists. Check out the products THEY swear by.

Happy Weekend, everyone!