1. The Best Apps for Career Girls – If you’re a busy bee, on-the-go 24×7, then this list is just what you need. These time-saving, convenient and useful apps will make your life so much simpler. My personal favourite is Around Me!

2. 30 (Budget-Friendly) Blog Post Ideas – With the amount of competition rapidly escalating in the blogging world, it’s imperative to stay on top of your game all the time! Of course you can’t keep shelling out big bucks for every post and this list makes sure you won’t have to.

3. A Complete Guide to Clutches – Lusting after clutches but not sure what to get? No need to fret, this guide’s got you covered! From envelope styles to box clutches, there’s something for everyone.

4. Editor-Approved Woven Accessories – Summer and woven straw go hand-in-hand (check out the last post) so if you’re ready to embrace the look, here’s a round-up of editor-approved accessories.

5. Types of Guys You’ll Meet on Tinder – Online dating is all the rage now and almost everyone has tried Tinder (quit hiding it). Obviously, the best part is the screenshots and hilarious stories that follow. Here’s a fun take on the types of guys you’ll surely encounter on Tinder if you live in Mumbai.

6. All You Need to Know About Hand SPF – We’ve all heard about the importance of sun protection, but who would have ever thought that there’s a special type of SPF for hands. This list covers almost every possible hand SPF in every possible fragrance.

7. 15 Life-Changing 100-page Books – Growing up, I was always a voracious reader, but somehow, I lost that ability towards the end of college (maybe it was because of the endless assignments and the amount of TV shows I was hooked on to). Be that as it may, I try my best to go back to that habit every single day. If you’re struggling with the same problem or are just looking for short, meaningful stories to read, you have to check out this link. So far, I’ve read Ethan Frome, and I kid you not, I finished it in one day – it’s just that brilliant!

8. Makeup Brush Hygiene – Ever wondered how often you should give your makeup brushes some TLC? Well, here’s your answer. You can now safely say goodbye to all your skin problems and acne worries.

9. Spring Mani-Pedi Combos – Looking for the perfect shades to paint your nails this season? This guide has a number of options that will help you “nail” the look.