1. Top 5 Sea Salt Sprays – You don’t need the Summer for beachy hair. In my opinion, waves can work almost anywhere and everywhere! Beauty blogger Andrew tells you his 5 favourite sea salt sprays to get instant beach Bohemian curls.

2. 5 Must-Try Fashion Trends – Emily Schuman tells you 5 of her favourite current trends which resonate with her personal classic style. Honestly, these happen to be favourites too. Check it out and then maybe tell me yours as well?

3. Get Your InstaGame on Point – Why should bloggers have all the fun? Turn into an Instagram celebrity with these super simple editing apps!

4. Caption like a Pro – While we’re on the topic of Instagram (the fashion fraternity’s most beloved social media app) let’s talk captions. It’s essential to nail the caption, so you can attract the right kind of followers and likes! Who What Wear shares a few tips to get it right.

5. DIY Dry Shampoo – When it comes to beauty tips, I absolutely worship Himani Wright. She’s got the best reviews and DIY clips with all-natural products. Being a victim of greasy hair myself, this particular video comes as a saviour to me, mostly because I hate using too many chemicals on my locks. If you too can relate, check this link out!

6. 5 Hairstyles for the Lazy Fashionista – Whenever I’m getting ready for an event or special occasion, I often end up ignoring my hair until the last moment. Not a good idea, I know, but thankfully this website has a few quick and easy hairstyles for lazy girls like me!

7. Spruce Up Your Space – A pop of colour can do wonders for your room or workspace, especially when you’re trying to freshen up your interiors. Just frame any 1 (or 2 or how many ever you like) of these 11 free printables and add it to your space to shake things up without hurting your wallet.

8. 5 SEO Tips for Bloggers – SEO is no easy task, which is why I never forgo a chance to learn more about making my blog easier to find on search engines. You too can up your SEO game with the handy tricks mentioned here.

9. Get Inspired – Everyone has their own reasons to blog, but just in case you’re suffering a major writer’s block, this page will remind you of the various sources of inspiration all around.

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