From working on the idea of starting my own firm to connecting with some amazing people to visiting the city I had always dreamed of seeing – this year just keeps getting better.

A little less than 2 years ago, a friend of mine had told me about this book called ‘The Magic‘ by Rhonda Byrne (yes, the same author who wrote ‘The Secret‘). I bought the book and carried out each practice mentioned in it with complete dedication. By the time I finished reading it, something had changed within me – all of a sudden, I looked at every situation in my life with gratitude. Each day ended with me remembering the best parts of it and giving thanks for each one. I started feeling thankful for the people around me, the dreams that came true, the opportunities that came my way and also for the relationships that didn’t work out and the jobs I didn’t end up taking. Everything made perfect sense – everything truly happened for a reason.

While reading this book, I had made something called a dream board or vision board. The idea was to stick pictures and write affirmations about things I truly wanted. I was struck by wanderlust at a very young age, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the pictures I stuck on there included that of Paris. The vision board was made and stored inside my wardrobe. I looked at it occasionally, going through all of the pictures and notes whenever I got the time. Then, earlier this year, my cousin gave me an incredible piece of news that made me grin from ear to ear – we were going to Paris for her bachelorette weekend!


Hence, August turned out to be quite the month – Paris was beautiful with all its heritage, culture, architecture, amiable people, scrumptious breads, exciting nightlife, and of course, the ever-so-chic French fashion. Unfortunately, none of us got enough time to shop because there’s SO much to do in the city, especially if you’re someone who loves exploring other cultures and meeting new people. Nevertheless, all of us had a lovely time and, once again, the Universe convinced me that belief and gratitude can make MAGIC happen.

That reminds me – thank you ALL for giving Addicted to Lace so much love. All your feedback emails, tweets, messages and follows make me feel so special.
I’ve decided to try something new and make the blog a little more personalized – I’m going to share my monthly favourites and hear all about yours. So here goes!

Latest Discovery:
ECCO Shoes


Although a tad bit expensive, this has to be the most comfortable shoe brand ever. Thanks to the lightweight and flexible material used in the soles, you can go on walking for hours without feeling tired.

Beauty Product of the Month:
Forest Essentials Eye Cream


This one has become a part of my regular night-time beauty ritual – works wonders on the puffiness, dark circles, and crow’s feet.

App of the Month:
All Women Stalk – iOS / Android

Whether it’s inspirational advice, hilarious pick-up lines, street-style tips, or healthy recipe ideas – this app has articles about EVERYTHING. Just go download it now.

Currently Hooked On To:
The Skimm


A daily e-mail newsletter I chanced upon a while back. It provides you with news from around the world, breaking it down with fresh editorial content so you can just skim through and impress the world with your knowledge on current events. Also, they don’t bother you on Saturdays and Sundays.

Current Favourite Jam:
Fireball – Pitbull feat. John Ryan

Go on and judge me for liking a Pitbull song, but this one is a definite party anthem. Give it a listen if you don’t believe me (you know you want to).