Gone are the days when you had to call the salon and book an appointment well in advance, hoping a beautician would be available when you’re free. Add to that, the inconvenience many of us experience making it to the beauty parlour if it isn’t in our vicinity. Then, there’s also the fact that you can’t really trust the hygiene level of the establishment or you may not be comfortable wearing one of their gowns (who knows how many people must have worn that before you!)  Thankfully, a solution has finally arrived! GLOYO – India’s first Integrated Beauty and Wellness/Fitness On-Demand home service provider – allows both men and women to pick from an acclaimed range of services to be experienced in the convenience of their very own homes!

Recently, I had the privilege of availing the Berry’s Manicure-Pedicure service* from GLOYO. Their lovely therapist, Swapnaja, laid out all the equipment neatly and prepared the water for the procedure in the machines. The first step was filing and cutting the nails, followed by applying cuticle cream to them. She then made me dip my hands and feet into the warm water.



Soon after that, she checked my nails for cuticles and gently removed them, following that up with scrubbing and scraping. Finally, Swapnaja gave me an extremely relaxing massage on both my hands and feet. She applied some hydrogen peroxide to my nails after, just in case there was any bacteria left behind. To finish, she painted my tips and toes a gorgeous shade of deep pink! All of this was done with the Berry products, but you can even opt for their special Lotus Crystals or luxury Candle treatment.


Rating: 4/5

Final verdict: GLOYO’s motto is “Beauty Redefined, Confidence Home-delivered”, and they don’t disappoint at all. Their therapists are well-trained and deliver high-quality services. The manicure-pedicure I experienced was hygienic, gentle and thoroughly relaxing. The best part about enjoying the service at home was not having to worry about the cleanliness factor or the people around! Although as much as I loved it, I do wish the duration of the treatment would have been an hour only (as mentioned on the website); it ended up being stretched to an extra 30-40 minutes. In conclusion, I would surely recommend this home care service to everyone, especially as they not only provide all the possible beauty and spa treatments, but also the option of booking a fitness trainer on their website!

Log on and book your appointment right away, they have an app coming out soon too!

*GLOYO was extremely kind to offer me a complimentary service to get an idea of the quality and experience of their services. This is NOT a paid review.