Nerd necessity to chic accessory – eyeglasses have undergone quite the paradigm shift. In fact, even Vera Wang believes that eyewear is as important as make-up because “the shape of a frame or the colour of lenses can change your whole appearance.” The current trends in eyewear have evolved from enduring shapes to stylish frames available in a plethora of patterns and colours, with more choices available in plastic instead of the simple thin metals or titanium frames of the past. It’s a great time to experiment because of the endless possibilities – minimalistic frames, retro shapes, large frames, bright colourful options.


Fashion has taken a trip down to the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s – the big round Liz Claiborne look is back, as is the hipster square framed style. The bold look seems to be replacing the lighter and smaller look, with cat-eye shapes and strong colours also making a comeback. The minimalistic shapes, however, still continue to be popular; especially among those who have worn glasses for a long time and prefer something that’s lightweight.

When trying to find the perfect pair of glasses for yourself, take all the time you need – try various frames, click pictures, go back to the shop several times. Don’t be easily fooled by opticians trying to make a quick sale – it’s you who will have to wear the neon pink glasses, not the salesman who convinced you to buy them.


Certain frames, such as the butterfly, double-sided, metallic etc., often aren’t versatile enough. For instance, trying to wear red plastic glasses with a fabulous cocktail dress will make you look like you just ran away from the circus. Try not to get carried away by all the advertised images of new signature frames.

In the end, opting for a no-frills classic, with a simple shape, is the safest option (try Meima). Don’t be afraid to go vintage – retro frames in tortoiseshell or imitation Bakelite are all the rage.