With graduation just a few months away, I had to share some confessions of the typical Fashion Marketing and Management student. We love what we’re studying, but can’t get through it without regular bouts of whining. If you’re studying (or have studied) fashion, I’m sure you can relate; if not, well, now you know why we don’t have social lives.



So here goes:

  • Initially, when the course started, you were always prim and proper, looking and feeling as glamorous as the course sounds. However, a few months later, you started carrying the same handbag every day. All you can bother about now is completing that bloody list of references, rather than how your eyeliner is smudged all over and how you resemble a raccoon.
  • You have finally realized that the life of a fashion student does not resemble an episode of Project Runway or scenes from The Devil Wears Prada. Your course demands creativity, professionalism, drive, and lots of all-nighters. On the bright side, you feel like you’ll conquer the world once you’re out of here.
  • Whenever you tell someone you’re studying the course, their first instinct is to picture you as a seamstress. People tend to have a mind-block and their brains are only able to process the word “fashion,” which simply means clothes to most of them. What follows is a long discussion about how you’re not a designer or tailor, how designers are not tailors either, and how you are actually studying the business side of fashion. This is a fast growing industry in India and still so many people know nothing!
  • Closely related to the above point, it doesn’t matter if you explained your degree in detail to someone, the next time they meet you, they will surely ask, “So what kind of clothes will you design once you graduate?”
  • You and your classmates have matching dark circles on the day of every submission.
  • You have intense group discussions at 4 a.m. on Whatsapp/BBM about how you just can’t write the executive summary of the report.
  • Your last sent message reads, “Why do we need to draw up financial statements? I’m not a C.A.”
  • If your laptop crashes, it is worse than an apocalypse. And God forbid, if you didn’t take a back-up!
  • You feel like you’re entitled to judge people’s dressing choices. Conversations with your friends go something like – “Um, hello, who wears brown leggings with a hot pink dress?” “Wow, is he actually wearing sunglasses indoors?” “Did she just forget her pants at home?”
  • Procrastination is your middle name. You keep telling yourself that you have enough time, as the assignment is due after two weeks, but before you know it, BAM, the date of submission arrives, which brings me to the next point…
  • You actually thrive on stress. Admit it, you purposely create stressful situations to motivate yourself to work.
  • You have mastered the art of working at the last minute. You just cannot take your work seriously until the last week of submission (that’s also a bit early for some of us, until we reach the final year of college). Printing reports and preparing power point presentations twenty minutes before you actually have to present have become regular habits, and being as talented as you are, you don’t even have to rehearse anymore!
  • You may crib about the amount of work you have, but at the end of the day, you wouldn’t be studying anything else except fashion. You know you’re going to miss studying what you love with the people you’ll never forget.

P.S. This post is dedicated to everyone without whom college would have been a drab experience. Y’all know who you are!