There is something amazing about December – when the lights go up on Christmas trees; when the aroma of baked goods fills the atmosphere; when the weather makes you want to curl up with a good book and hot chocolate; when the spirit of giving takes over  no other month comes close.

Maybe it’s the promise of a fresh start, the approach of a brand new tomorrow, that makes this month so magical. But most of all, it’s the happiness that comes from seeing all your loved ones after so much time apart. I know I’m excited to see all my favourite people together – some after months, some even after years – and THAT is what makes December so special!

Of course, there’s also all the presents we can’t wait to give and receive (mostly receive).
So here’s a list of my favourites this month – hope it helps you find the perfect holiday gifts for all the perfect people in your life:

New Found Love:
Forever New iPhone Cases


The chic new iPhone cases available at Forever New are the ideal companion for your most beloved possession – your phone. I recently bought the one on the left for myself and absolutely love it! You just need to be a little careful with the rhinestones. Prices range from Rs. 600 – Rs. 2000.

Beauty Product of the Month:
Estée Lauder Pure Color Gloss


You have got to check out the range of ‘Pure Color’ glosses by Estée Lauder. My best friend gifted me the Orchid Passion Shimmer shade for my birthday, and it’s safe to say that I’m already addicted to it. The crystal like coating provides intense colour and shine, while imparting a soft fullness to your lips. The colour palette caters to all skin tones and day-to-night looks – you can pick from various shades of natural nudes, edible berries, seductive reds, and sensual plums.

Currently Crushing On:


Given how much I love statement jewellery, my obsession with earcuffs should come as no surprise. They’re bold, eye-catching, and have the power to make heads turn all on their own. The best part is they often come as solo pieces, not in pairs – perfect for the days you feel like going a bit unconventional.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the ones I was looking for at retail stores, but thank God for online shopping! Bauble Love has some great pieces – I just bought 2 for my own collection (see picture above).

One for the Boys:
Men’s Accessories

When it comes to buying presents for men, the safest options have always been perfumes and shirts. However, now with the way men’s fashion is reaching new heights, there is an endless variety of sleek and stylish accessories to choose from. Leather jackets, flashy cufflinks, badass brooches, statement ties – there are finally so many options!
Addicted to Lace Picks: Ralph Lauren Martini-Glass Cufflinks, Ralph Lauren Vintage-Car Cufflinks, Hugo Boss Curved Rectangle Cufflinks, Metallic Diesel Bracelet, Diesel iPhone Case, and Ralph Lauren Black Label Geometric Silk Jacquard Tie.