Let’s face it – whether it’s your favourite celebrity or your next door neighbour, almost every adult (and many teenagers too) battles pesky dark circles and under-eye bags. The worst part is your eyes clearly put your age, diet and sleeping habits on display, as the skin around the area is significantly thinner than the skin on the rest of the face. Due to this, there are fewer oil glands under the eyes, which means it is more prone to dryness. Furthermore, the absence of a fatty layer underneath the eye area makes the skin quickly lose its suppleness and elasticity.

The best way to reduce dark circles is getting an adequate amount of sleep every night, but given how busy people are these days, most of us have to turn to other solutions. There is even a possibility that you may have sensitive skin, which is why your eyes give away the slightest hint of exhaustion right away. The only way to truly combat the fine lines and bags under your eyes is by following a proper skin care routine.


Of course, your 20s are the best time to start using moisturising creams and serums, especially eye creams, because the skin around your eyes needs it the most. However, if you haven’t started caring for your visage yet, it’s still not too late to start!

Here are a few things you could try to wave those annoying dark circles goodbye:

1. Invest in an eye cream/gel – Applying a normal moisturizer or cream under the eyes may block the tear ducts, making your eyes look puffy instead of fresh. What you really need is an eye cream. While eye creams tend to be expensive, the right one is well worth the investment as it is specially created for the area around your eyes.
I’ve been using the Forest Essentials Eye Cream with Anise since the past few years now and it has definitely given me the desired results. I dab just a little under my eyes using the ring finger (as it is known to be the weakest finger) right before sleeping. You can pick one according to what you’re looking for. If you want a de-puffing solution, look for ingredients like caffeine, chamomile or cucumber; whereas choose products containing retinol and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) in order to minimise fine lines and dark circles.

2. Find the right concealer – Always look for a shade of concealer that is slightly lighter than your skin tone, but make sure you don’t go too light or dark either. The consistency of the concealer should be light too. I use the Makeup For Ever Full Cover Waterproof Extreme Camouflage Cream. You can opt for a lighter coverage product for daytime wear or if your dark circles and eye bags aren’t extremely prominent.

3. Eat healthy – Too much salt in your diet is generally unhealthy, but it also causes your eyes to become more puffy. In addition, you may be missing out on important vitamins if you don’t consume enough fruits and vegetables. If you find it too much of a hassle to remove time to eat fruits, look for delicious and healthy smoothie recipes!

4. Your mascara/eyeliner are to blame – There are many mascaras that tend to start falling off and eyeliners that tend to smudge and make you look like a panda by the end of the day. Make sure you give yourself a quick glance in the mirror, perhaps after a meeting, and you’ll easily be able to remove the excess makeup that is causing darkness under your eyes. Also, purchase waterproof and smudge-proof products to save yourself the trouble; I use Sephora and Bobbi Brown.

5. Home remedies – Mix turmeric with raw honey or greek yogurt and use it as an under-eye mask. Then, wash it 10-15 minutes after application. You can also use almond oil, cucumber, raw potato juice, tomato, and coconut oil to fight puffy eyes and dark circles.

6. Other solutions – If your eyes get extra puffy during allergy season, take a normal, over-the-counter antihistamine to combat it. You can also look for creams that contain collagen to plump up the thin skin under your eyes. Remember, tap it gently into your skin with your ring finger, using a very delicate touch. You could even try sleeping on your side or sleeping with extra pillows so your head stays elevated and blood doesn’t pool under your eyes.