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A 20-something fashion enthusiast from Mumbai, India; I’ve always had a strong predilection for writing. Blogging seemed like the best outlet to combine my two passions, and that’s how Addicted to Lace was born!

Nocturnal by nature. Struck by wanderlust. Hate routine, thrive on change. Not a coffee junkie (unlike most of the world), although I do enjoy the occasional Caramel Macchiato. Personal blogging aside, I write for other fashion brands too. Not sure where I’m headed, but grateful for every minute of the journey.

Addicted to Lace is my attempt at finding my voice amid the chaos all around me. I aim to share tidbits of my personal style, with a strong focus on high street brands and start-ups, and discuss the various sources of inspiration and learning all around me. My goal is to explore the business, history, social and cultural elements, economic influences, people… everything that goes into making fashion what it is.

Come join me on my sartorial voyage!

Drop me a message if you have any queries or wish to collaborate.

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